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Thank you for your interest, but the Maritime Connections Support Forum has been canceled. There are no make-up dates scheduled at this time. For more information, please contact Chris Lutz at

~ Building a Community to Manage Change ~

Provincial Departments, Municipalities, Schoolboards, Hospitals and the like are very unique when it comes to Canada's landscape of the Public Sector. Working groups and knowledgable colleages are helpful but by and large, these organizations can seemingly be an island, all by itself, in the middle of a very large ocean. And eventhough being so close to the stakeholders one serves can be very rewarding, the challenges presented can seem like crossing a vast ocean in a row boat!

This two-day event is dedicated to building a community of professionals that learn from one another and share ideas & resources. The stakes are rising and the need for this community to bind together is crucial. Join us in late June as we simply support one another as we wade through the realities and expectations of managing records in a public body subject to the various pieces of Access to Information and Privacy legislation in the Maritime Provinces.

~ Who is this event for? ~

Does this sound like you?

...if so, you are not alone.

~ 2017 Features a Different Format ~

The Support Forum offers participants a unique way to shape their learning to meet their individual needs. Presented over the course of 2 days, the Support Forum is made up of a morning of dynamic keynotes sessions, followed by 3 half-days of workshops. A delegate can choose to participate in as many or as few workshops as he / she wishes. Tailor this Support Forum to YOUR NEEDS.

Read over this year's agenda ....the Keynote Sessions feature the Nova Scotia Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner as well as faculty from the Dalhousie University's excellent School of IM.

Workshops ranges from Acess, Privacy, IM Policy & Business Renewal and IT Security. See you in December!!

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